How To Find Joy And happiness In Life Again, 9 Best Ways To Be Happy

How to find joy in life again: In this article will provide help on how to find joy in life and happiness in life again along with 9 best ways to be happy. So, if you are depressed or having negative thoughts, and bad mood in your life then this article is for you. 

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How To Find Joy In Life Again

How To Find Joy In Life Again, 9 Best Ways To Be Happy

Do you feel life has become much more difficult than you expected it to be? Do you think you have drifted away from your goals because life has been unfair to you? Are you disappointed, and sad at how things turned out to be? Do you think you have no reason left to be happy? Well my friends, life is not fair to everyone.

At some stage in everyone’s life, an unexpected trail of events tends to suck up away every ounce of happiness, and joy from your life. Sometimes a loss hits you naturally, and withdraws every happiness from your life. It could be another way around as well your negative speculation of life, overthinking, and pessimist behavior can also be the reason for your unhappiness.

The question of happiness has been explored for many years. You can even trace it back to the ancient Greeks when philosopher pondered the question of what it means to live the good life. You can find discussions of happiness in old Buddhist texts as well. Fast-forward to modern times, and we’re still asking those questions.

“Happiness isn`t about getting what you want all the time. Its about loving what you have and being grateful for it”

There’s no question that we want to be happy again, and again in life. In fact, the Declaration of Independence points out that the “universal right” is the pursuit of happiness. But what is happiness, really? Well it’s clear that we’re talking about an emotion, and a positive one, of course. Some sources define joy, and happiness as an emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. 

9 Best Ways To Be Happy

1. Eliminating interactions 

How To Find Joy In Life Again, 9 Best Ways To Be Happy

Eliminating interactions comes at 1st position in our list of, how to find joy in life again with 9 best ways to be happy in life. One of the big things is eliminating interactions with negative people which is gigantic. I’ve realized that I’m not really as independent as I used to think I was. I used to think that my thought process was independent, and that I don’t give care at all what anybody thinks, that’s nonsense. 

People say that because they absolutely care what people think, and it bothers them. So, they say I don’t give a d_m, but that I don’t give a d_m stuff is almost entirely nonsense you do care, and you care in both ways. You care if people are critical, you care if people are positive, but you also care if people are living positive lives, and they’re motivating you, and that’s a big one. 

“Happiness is an inside job. Don`t assign anyone else that much power over your life”

People are fuel, you know like just talking to you about your time in the monastery or your push to get to that hundred miles. You get energy out of people like that. You think about this energy, and you think about this inspiration when you’re doing other things.

It also sets in your mind that when you meet these exceptional people that move you like what are the characters, what are the qualities that they have, what are the characteristics that they possess, and those things become significant, and important to you.


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2. Negative people 

How To Find Joy In Life Again, 9 Best Ways To Be Happy

Whereas if you live around a bunch of people that are complaining, taunting, biting you about everything, and they see the negative in everything, those people are the opposite of that. They’re the opposite of inspiration like you’re up to your ankles in mud, you try to trudge through life, and it’s difficult. 

Over time I’ve learned that these people you just hate, you’re not going to fix them. When I was young I used to want to go hey man I see what you’re doing, like the dude doesn’t do that anymore, listen just try, just do this, and stop doing that, and if you just work towards this you could be successful, and then a week later the guy’s doing the same you’re like. 

“The lack of one or both parents affirmation leaves some children emotionally crippled” 

Don’t forget in parents, affection for each other, and love plays an important part to raise children. Staying away from negative people is one the best 9 ways to find joy, and to be happy in life again.

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3. Don’t waste your energy 

How To Find Joy In Life Again, 9 Best Ways To Be Happy

There are times when I think that I am wasting a significant amount of my energy on someone who doesn’t want to waste any of their energy on themselves, and so managing the community, and the tribe that you’re in making. Sure that you’re a good member of that tribe that you’re doing your part.

“Don`t waste your energy on things you can`t change. Walk away from toxic people and hopeless situations”

Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power

4. Inspirational people 

People gets sad, and depressed in life, and start asking themselves when I can find happiness in life? but when you’re around happy inspirational people that are successful, it makes you feel better, and you get inspired, and if you act on that inspiration your life will be more fulfilled. 

It’s not just inspirational in terms of financial success but in terms of doing difficult things. Whether it’s running a hundred miles it doesn’t pay you a single penny. Thing other than the wealth of knowledge that you can push yourself to such an extreme or anything else. Whether it’s someone who becomes really good at playing chess or someone really good at martial arts, or whatever it is, there’s a great feeling in overcoming these difficult things.

“Remember that no matter how cool you think you may be, you are not cool enough to look down on anyone…..ever”


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5. Time is precious 

When you say, I feel sad today, I feel so low, my life is sad, and ask yourself what makes a person happy in life? what can we do to be happy? The truth is my friend, life is never in a constant state all the time. If you realize the importance of time, you will come out of those uncomfortable feelings with this newfound “appreciation for the time”. So, this newfound, this respect for your own existence in your own space, is something really precious.

“Time is free, but it`s priceless. You can`t own it, but you can use it. Once you`ve lost it you can never get it back”

Time is like sword if you don’t cut it, it will cut you: time is precious notebook 200 page

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6. Struggle

How To Find Joy In Life Again, 9 Best Ways To Be Happy

To struggle comes at 6 position in our list of, how to find joy, and happiness in life along with 9 best ways to be happy. What can I do to feel happy? that all come from life lessons, and the lessons are learned through struggle. I think there’s a lot of people out there that think somehow you’re going to get to someplace where you’re living in silk sheets, and you’re getting your toes done, while someone’s dropping grapes into your mouth. 

I don’t want that, I’ve never wanted that,  that guy’s not going to be happy, he’s going to be a boring hour into the grapes, you can get those grapes away from me, stop painting my toes, what am I doing in this bed I got to do something I’m not stimulated. 

“Every struggle in your life has shaped you into a person you are today. So be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger”

Struggle Makes Us Human: Learning from Movements for Socialism

7. Constant stimulation 

The human organism, the animal that we are needs constant stimulation because it evolved trying to find food, escape enemies, and find shelter. It also escapes the elements, try to survive, and this great joy that you have in taking care of your children. So you can protect your children from the elements, and the enemies, and feed them.

“Comfort is a Drug. Once you get used to it, it become addicting. Give a weak man good food, cheap entertainment, and he`ll throw his ambitions right out of the window”

Perpetual Imagery: “Constant Word Stimulation…Causing Visualization to the Mind.”

8. Sadness

How To Find Joy In Life Again, 9 Best Ways To Be Happy

It is also the great sadness that you see in losers. When I see a loser I see some guy who’s 43 years old lives in his parent’s basement. He hates the world, just like a baby man. This is a baby that somebody just gave some nutrients, whether these nutrients are in the forms of food, or in the form of thoughts, ideas, examples.

This kid developed these horrible self-defeating patterns of behavior. This behavior led them to this point where this middle-aged person with no future, and no idea of how to get out of this rut, and probably never will escape it. This is the world that we live in today. Part of that world is because we have been fed this line of bad things that you’re supposed to seek comfort.

“If worries can cure your sickness, then go ahead and worry! If worries can prolong your life, then go ahead and worry! If worries can exchange for happiness, then go ahead and worry!”

On the other hand you’re supposed to seek lessons, and you’re supposed to seek difficult tasks, and accomplishments. And through those things, and through doing things that are hard to do even if it’s just a 90-minute hot yoga class. And man, those last 20 minutes I do not want to be there, and I definitely don’t want to give a hundred percent. I can cheat (yes I can) but if I don’t, and time is up, everybody gets up like a real man, I made it.

The Other Side of Sadness: What the New Science of Bereavement Tells Us About Life After Loss

9. Meditation

Yoga is one of the best joy, and happiness meditation, and its little tough (not that much). But through that struggle, you will have a better day, and you better do it again tomorrow, or do something else. If you just think that tomorrow I am just going to the coast eat chocolate, and watch TV, well there comes sadness, and my old friend, depression.

“Sometimes God lets our life fall apart, so we can finally let him help us rebuild it in a more beautiful way”

When you’re not doing anything you feel like lazy blob, and that’s just part of being a human being. Meditation is also one of the 9 best ways to find joy and to to be happy in life again.

Meditations for Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Three happiness killers

Why is it so difficult to be happy? Well, I can think of several reasons why it might be tough.

1. First we’re around people every single day that aren’t happy, and want to make us the same way. So, through their pessimism their glumness they try to pull us into their mire, and it’s tough not to get sucked in. I’ve learned to see those people as teachers who are sent to show us that no one can affect our happiness unless we choose to allow them to.

2. The issue of our vocabulary. Through the daily stresses of life we get sucked into saying things like well I can’t do , or I never could, or I wouldn`t or shouldn’t, and we’ve reached these limitations that we’ve argued for so vocally.

“Comparison is the killer of all joy, take time out from social media and reconnect to you`re true existence”

3. Finally they’re just belief that happiness is somewhere else sometimes. Like if we just had this, a bigger home, more income, then we’d really be happy. But in grateful for everything, and if we can choose to find whatever we have in our lives be grateful for, and happy about, then amazingly enough happiness tends to find us.

What is animal happiness?

Secret of happiness in old age

How To Find Joy In Life Again, 9 Best Ways To Be Happy
  • Secret of life in short: Before middle age – Do not fear. After middle age – Do not regret.
  • As long as it is physically possible, visit places you wish to visit.
  • Do not wait till you cannot even walk just to be sorry, and to regret.
  • When there is an opportunity, get together with old classmates, colleagues, and friends.
  • The gathering is not just about eating, its just that there is not much time left.
  • Money kept in the banks may not be really yours. When it is time to spend, treat yourself well as you`re getting old.

“The rose that lives its little hour is prized beyond the sculptured flower”

  • Whatever you feel like eating, just eat (don`t go on extremes). Its most important to be happy.
  • Treat sickness with optimism, everyone has to go through birth, aging, sickness, and death. There is no exception, that`s is life.
  • Do not be afraid or worried when you are sick. Settle all outstanding issues before hand, and you will be able to leave without regret.
  • Let the doctors handle your body. Let God handle your life, but be in charge of your own moods.
  • Retirement fund: money that you have earned, it is best to keep them yourself.
  • Your old companion: treasure every moment with your other half, one of you will leave first.
  • Things you must do every day: Smile and laugh.

“Running water does not flow back. So is life, make it happy.

Happiness definition in psychology

You got the information about, how to find joy in life with 9 ways to be happy in life again, but do you really know the definition of happiness in psychology? Well, when we talk about happiness definition in psychology, the psychologists have identified several important contributors to happiness. 

  • One of these inputs is something called the “happiness set point” this is a person’s general tendency to feel happiness, which is determined by things like genetics, and birth variables. 
  • The second input is “life circumstances” these include things like one’s marital status and income, general variables that exist in one’s life. 
  • And finally, there are “intentional” or “voluntary activities”  choices we make, and behaviors we can control.

As a point of reference, in her book, “The How of  Happiness,” Sonja Lyubomirsky suggests that about 50% of our happiness is determined by our set point, and only about 10% is determined by life circumstances. But the remaining 40% comes down to the choices we make. This means that a substantial amount of our emotional well-being is under our control. Also remember that happiness and success are two different things.

“This idea that if you have a good mindset you’ll be happy, that’s not entirely true” 

It’s like the tide that comes in, and it comes down. There’s gonna be days where you’re just not feeling so good physically. That’s going to affect the way your happiness level is, it’s never static, it’s not exactly the same. This is something cultivated for a long time, and avoided things that make us unhappy, and figured out what those things are.

Also been very rigid about eliminating them from my life, because everybody wants happiness in life, and that`s what happiness psychology is.

Stumbling on Happiness

How To Find Joy In Life Again, 9 Best Ways To Be Happy

Happiness supplements

Further more, believe me friends there is no happiness supplement, happiness plan or happiness vitamins available in market that gives you 100% surety to be happy in life. But there are few tips, and ways that can be helpful to live a beautiful life without going to any happiness psychologist or happiness therapist.

Of course there are many other alternatives like CBT positive self talk, or other kind relaxation therapies available today, but can you afford them for the rest of your life? 

 “Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace”

There is no happiness science. We can pretend that we’re something other than what we really are. We are human beings, we evolved from hundreds of thousands of years of hunters, gatherers, and people that were struggling. Those human reward systems are carved deeply into your DNA.

So, if you don’t respect that, if you don’t respect the mechanism of happiness, and fulfillment, and what you really need to do to feel satisfied in life, your love, family, and friendship will struggle. Testing yourself to learn all those things is imperative they’re all a giant part of being a person, and that’s how to find peace and happiness of life.

How To Find Joy In Life Again, 9 Best Ways To Be Happy

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“Stop asking where can I find happiness in life? Happiness is within yourself, it lives inside you”


My friends, you can find hundreds of happiness articles written online or in books, but in this article I hope you got the idea of how to find joy in life again, along with 9 best ways to be happy. Happiness is making others smile. Love breeds happiness. It is important to be self aware, to know the things that you enjoy doing, the things you are good at. Don`t be afraid to do anything if you feel that it is the right thing.

Always remember that nothing lasts forever, bad time comes, and bad time goes. See yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself do I really want to be happy in the future? are you a strong person? (which we all are from inside really) or are you that kind of person who always needs the support of other people just like a baby? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fee by advertising and linking to Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.

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