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Kin Homeowners Insurance. The Best Kin Home Insurance Reviews

This article will cover all the information about Kin homeowners insurance, and Kin home insurance reviews.

A Florida based insurance company, Kin homeowners insurance was founded in the year of 2016. The company provides flexible payment options for its clients, and offered them with affordable rates on their policies. If you are looking for a good and reliable home insurance company, then look no further than kin. Kin homeowners insurance is a great option for you.

Kin Homeowners Insurance

Generally speaking, buying homeowners insurance should be easy. At Kin home insurance there are no long complicated applications, no waiting on the phone for a quote, no guessing what your insurance covers or how much it will be? because Kin homeowners insurance keeps it simple. Just enter your address at, and our technology pulls all the data we need, to give you a clear quote in seconds.

Further more, if you are wondering how to buy a house, then the best place to start is with an insurance company. The most important thing about home insurance is that it protects your assets in case of damage or loss. In short, if you have a policy through Kin homeowners insurance, and you get into an accident, your property will be protected.

No more questions required. Just fill out a personal profile, upload any savings documents, and you’re done. You won’t wait through documents full of exceptions or compare complex policies.

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Kin homeowners insurance

Kin Home Insurance Reviews

1. Maribel Hefley (Kin homeowners insurance customer)

I live in Orlando Florida, and was trying to get new insurance for a new home that we were purchasing. At first, a lot of other companies came in, and provided us with quote. I was really leery at first because I’ve never heard of Kin before so I contacted Kin insurance in Florida.

Soon I found that they were actually the best, with most competitive rates. So we went with them, signing the process was really easy as well. They asked all the regular questions and then they said okay this is your quote. I was like is this my quote for the year? and they said yes it’s for the year.

Kin homeowners insurance

A couple months later I had to put a claim, and I called the guy that answered the phone, and he says okay first of all was anybody hurt is everybody okay?. It was the first thing he asked so that was nice that it’s safety first, and it was so painless I couldn’t believe. Couple days later Michelle called she came in, and she went around the property and took pictures.

Further more the next thing was that I got an email from Kin homeowners insurance saying you’ve been approved for a brand new roof, and I’m like oh my God we get a new roof. Besides the roof they gave us extra money for painting the inside of the ceiling we didn’t expect we thought oh okay wow that was a surprise to us. 

Generally speaking, my experience with Kin homeowners insurance has been extremely positive. So, if I had to rate it one to ten it would be 12 plus I’ve been telling everybody about Kin.

2. Weberth De Oliveira, Courtney De Oliveira (Kin homeowners insurance customers) 

I have been with Kin insurance for two and a half months. It was a drain pipe that burst the cast iron, burst right between walls in our kitchen, and in the laundry room so it completely flooded our floor, our cabinets. As I am in the military, I was supposed to get better deals. Kin across the board it’s just like much better deals, and coverages. To be honest I had no idea how to start, but they just walked me through the whole process.

Especially in our situation is how quickly Kin insurance responded, and jumped in. They sent people out here had them right away to test everything. Even before they were finished working through the claim, they tested for molded asbestos, and assessed the water damage. In doing so they made sure they provided us with machines to help clean that up rapidly, and make air quality breathable.

Considering I was pregnant, and concerned over that way we were in a safe environment while we continued to work with them. We have absolutely you know great things to say about Kin homeowners insurance. So, overall I would recommend Kin insurance to anyone who’s interested in getting homeowners insurance they’ve been phenomenal to work with.

What makes Kin Homeowners Insurance different?

People ask many types of questions like is Kin insurance good? Well, Kin insurance know that living in Florida is mostly sunshine, and ice cream but there’s also a chance of hurricane. Home insurance in hurricane areas is either expensive or tough to get.

Kin homeowners insurance

Kin changed that, because Kin made home insurance for anything Florida throws at you. Kin insurance made it more convenient and more efficient, and that efficiency means we pass savings to you. Homeowners who switch to kin save an average of 500 see how much you’ll save at It could be that kin insurance cover hurricanes, wildfires, and floods. It could be that on average homeowners save 500 dollars. Or it could be that our agents get glowing reviews.

Further more if a customer notifies kin that they’ve evacuated we’re able to flag them for immediate post-term review using aerial imagery. After a major event it can take a few days to get adjusters on the ground. Because we have aerial imagery that shows a roof is damaged or not. We don’t have to wait for boots on the ground to know that. We get the process started, and pay customers for their damage faster.

kin homeowners insurance

Kin homeowners insurance company is the best home insurance company in the state of Florida. It provides affordable home insurance with competitive rates, and many great features. The company has been serving its customers for more than 8 year. Providing them with fast and friendly customer service, and timely claims services.

Kin Homeowners Insurance Cheap Coverage

If you want cheap home insurance coverage in Florida, then look no further than Kin homeowners insurance. This is one of the most reliable insurance carriers that offers low cost policies to their clients across all lines of coverage such as kin home Insurance, kin mobile home insurance, kin landlord Insurance, kin condo insurance, kin vacation home insurance, kin flood insurance, and kin hurricane insurance.

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Kin Homeowners Insurance Puts Customers First

Kin homeowners insurance`s automated pre-event text messages to all of their members in the projected path of a storm. With Kin`s pre-event techs, they proactively let their customers know the storm was coming. Thus provided custom resources with safety tips and ways they could prepare for the hurricane.

When you are considering home insurance, there are two types of coverage that you’ll want to look for.

1. Liability coverage. This is the kind of coverage that protects your family in the event they have an accident on your property.

2. Called personal property or contents insurance. If a fire occur on your property and cause damage, this would be covered by a policy like this one.

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Types of Home Insurance Home

It isn’t one size fits all with home insurance. Here are eight types of homeowners insurance with real life examples.

kin homeowners insurance

HO-1 Basic form

This policy would best fit a single story home. HO-1 is the most limited coverage type, and is thought of as old school. The basic form protects your home and belongings only from named perils at cash value. These 10 perils are:

1. Fire or lightning.

2. Wind or hail.

3. Explosion.

4. Riot.

5. Aircraft.

6. Vehicles.

7. Smoke.

8. Vandalism.

9. Theft.

10. Falling objects.

Pro tip: Basic form policies are generally no longer offered by insurance companies.

HO-2 Broad Form

This is like an enhanced HO-1. Take for instance a split level home in the mountains, this home would need an HO-2 broad form policy, which means the structure of your home is covered at replacement cost and your belongings at actual cash value. As a bonus an HO-2 also adds six additional perils that are covered.

  1. Weight of ice snow or sleet.

2. Accidental overflow of water or Steam.

3. Accidents occur from built-in appliances such as a hot water heater.

4. Freezing.

5. Damage from a power surge.

6. Volcanic eruption

HO-3 Special Form

This would be ideal for a common home in the city. It covers your home at replacement costs, and belongings at cash value. But one thing to note the special form offers all risks coverage for your home, and belongings except for the list of excluded perils in your policy. The list is long but includes things such as war or government action.

HO-4 Contents Broad Form

This form would be ideal for someone renting an apartment. The policy type covers all personal property and belongings inside your rental. Your belongings are usually covered at replacement cost. This policy is not for the homeowners or a rental property because it doesn’t include the dwelling. The landlord would need a separate policy for that.

HO-5 Comprehensive Form

This policy is like a supercharged version of HO-3. This is ideal for a beach home, whose owners have some heirloom jewelry from great grandparents that they need to ensure. They would need HO-5 comprehensive coverage which is generally for high value homes that are in high risk areas that need more protection than your basic ho3 policy. There are High coverage limits for things such as jewelry, collections, and electronics.

HO-6 Unit Owners Form

A condo owner would require an HO-6 homeowners policy. The amount of coverage you need will vary based on what the HOA’s insurance covers. At the most basic you’ll need coverage for loss of use personal liability, loss assessment coverage, and personal property.

HO-7 Mobile Home Form

It is essentially an HO-3 policy for mobile homes. Since HO-3s do not cover mobile homes, HO-7s cover only certain mobile homes such as, trailers or fifth wheels, single wide trailers, double-wide trailers and modular homes to name a few.

HO-8 Modified Coverage Form

It is for homes that don’t meet standard requirements for most homeowners insurance. An older antique home would qualify for an HO-8, due to something like the outdated Plumbing from the 1940s that was never updated. HO-8s are also named peril policies like an HO-1.

How to make a Home Insurance Claim

kin homeowners insurance

Putting in a home insurance claim needn’t be an ordeal. Follow our top tips on what to do and what not to do to make your claim run smoothly.

1.Be prepared

Your insurers likely to ask for evidence of any items you report missing. So, find receipts or photos of any big purchases or expensive possessions.

2. Call your insurer promptly

Many insurers give you up to 180 days to make a claim but try not to delay. Insurers like to handle large claims quickly, especially if there’s a flood or fire. Delaying a claim could worsen the damage and stop you from getting back on your feet as soon as possible.

3. Gather evidence

As tempting as it might be to clean up following a fire or flood, keeping evidence is crucial if there are any doubts about your claim. Keep hold of any damaged possessions and photograph any damage to the house.

4. Get help from a loss assessor

In the event of a big claim, an insurer may send a lot adjuster round to look at your property, to decide how your claim will progress. Remember they work for the insurer not you. So, you could appoint your own loss assessor to help you fight your claim.

5. Don`t be afraid to complain

With Kin homeowners insurance, feel free to complain to your insurer if you’re unsatisfied with how it’s dealing with your claim. If it can’t resolve your complaint within eight weeks you can take it to the Financial Ombudsman service. 

9 Best Tips to Save Money on Home Insurance

One of the most common questions we get from new and long-term home insurance customers is “how do I lower my home insurance premium?” We will cover nine ways that you can potentially use to reduce your home insurance premium. So let’s get started.

1. Increase your deductible.

Briefly the deductible is the portion of your covered loss that you will be responsible for paying before your insurance will pick up the rest. Typically, insurance is there to cover those big losses, and not maintenance or small claims.

So, if you increase your deductible to say twenty five hundred or even five thousand, you can usually have significant savings on your home insurance premium. We suggest choosing a deductible that fits your financial scenario. One that won’t put you in an uncomfortable position should you have to pay. But one where your home insurance premium fits your budget and is not overwhelming.

2. Eliminate unnecessary coverages.

If you don’t have a garage, collectibles or any jewelry, why bother to insure them? Many home insurance policies these days will include some of these things, even if you don’t need coverage for them. Ask your insurance company to allow you to customize your policy completely, so you’re not paying for unnecessary coverages for things you don’t even own.

3. Don’t over insure your belongings.

Complete a household inventory checklist. This will help you make sure you’ve taken inventory of all your items, so you really can insure it to the correct level. Many home insurance policies will insist that you insure your personal property based on an arbitrary amount of your home’s value. This can often lead to over insuring your personal property and paying for coverage that you don’t really need.

Kin homeowners insurance

4. Don’t over insure your home.

Make sure you insure your home to its rebuild value, not what you paid for it. What you paid was market value for your house and land. And in some places, depending on when and where you buy your home. This could be significantly higher than the actual cost to rebuild.

Kin homeowners insurance

Meaning that you’re paying an unnecessary amount in insurance premium to rebuild to the market value, when you only need to rebuild to the rebuild value of your home.

5. Consider future potential premium increases before making a claim.

Insurance has always been there to help you with those big losses that you can’t handle alone. For this reason, when you make multiple small claims, you could lose a claims-free discount and even surcharges may be applied to your premium. Thus ultimately increasing enough to outweigh the event of the small claim.

Kin homeowners insurance

For instance, if you had a $500 deductible and a covered loss to your $600 TV, is it worth making that claim for one hundred dollars? If you have a claims free discount, you could lose that, which in the long run may cost more than that hundred dollar claim.

6. Keep your home in good shape.

If you replace that rotting deck or fix those dangerous stairs, you’re going to be preventing the risk that someone could be injured on your property. Ultimately helping you reduce the risk that you’ll ever have to pay a deductible or lose any claims-free discounts that you have with your home insurance policy.

kin homeowners insurance

7. Replace plastic plumbing hoses with braided steel hoses.

Water loss is by far the most significant category of insurance claims for insurance companies and providers. The rubber, and plastic hoses attached to these appliances quickly wear out, dry, bulge and then burst. One burst hose can cause thousands of dollars in water damage in just a few minutes.

kin homeowners insurance

If you’re away from your home for a couple of days or the afternoon, one burst hose in a few hours can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage (not to mention the disruption to your lifestyle while everything is sorted out). So make sure you look at your appliances and see if you can replace them with the braided steel hosing.

This will ultimately save your claim-free discount as you won’t need to make a water loss claim from the plastic plumbing hoses.

8. Update your home.

Is your roof nearing its life expectancy? or the hot water tank over 10 years old or showing signs of any rust or wear? Does the furnace work properly or does it continually run all the time? You want to keep an eye on these things and keep them updated as well.

kin homeowners insurance

Your insurance provider may offer discounts for these updates to your home and you also reduce your chance of a potential claim.

9. Find a home insurance provider that offers free monthly billing.

In many instances, if you’d like to pay for your home insurance premium on a monthly basis, many home insurance providers will charge you financing fees and usually interest. However, you can ask your insurance provider to pay your home insurance premium on a monthly basis without any financing fees or interest. 

kin homeowners insurance

Other types of Insurance

1. Permanent life insurance

2. Term insurance

Permanent life insurance

kin homeowners insurance

It’s actually very simple, the word permanent should give you a clue. It is an insurance policy that covers your entire life. There are a few advantages to permanent life insurance.

Tax deferred growth

For permanent life insurance you build up the cash value over a period of time then you can borrow against it without paying taxes. Because essentially it is a loan. Maybe you need that money to to buy something maybe it’s for your kids tuition you could do that.

You don’t lose your coverage

After a set number of years as long as you keep paying the premiums. In fact that’s one of the key kind of advertising benefits that you see from a lot of the permanent life insurance ads. That you will see that sometimes in some cases, it covers up to age 120 years old until you get very old, as long as you keep paying the premiums.

You get accelerated benefit

What does that mean? it means that you don’t necessarily have to wait till you pass away to get the full benefit from the permanent life insurance. For example let’s say now you’re a little bit older, and you have certain type of illness that you could take some of the money out, and take advantage of a few things. Where it pays for your medical bills, sometimes it’s up to 25% 30% and 40% even up to a hundred percent.

In short that you can still enjoy a good quality of life in your final years. Now the downside of that is then your beneficiary would probably receive less than the full benefit, but you will be able to use some of that money up front for yourself so that’s permanent life insurance.

Term life insurance

For term insurance you’re basically buying insurance for a term. It’s not permanent because it doesn’t cover your entire life. And all your monthly payment all your premium goes towards the death.

If something happens to you, all of that benefit goes to your beneficiary, it is that simple. So, for your term insurance it doesn’t have the cash value component, and it doesn’t have the investment component.

Is life insurance a good investment?

If you are ones with basic financial needs, and you don’t have a lot of financial assets to protect, then permanent life insurance probably is not something that you need.

Term insurance on the other hand is something that you would want to consider because it protects your family, and the ones that you love. You shouldn’t consider that as an investment it’s really just a way for you to protect your family in case knock on wood something happens to you you’re not paying like a huge premium, because that’s not the goal.

You’re not gonna get rich with your insurance policy. It’s simply a way for you to protect your family. However if you have more financial assets and you have a business you have other things, then maybe permanent life insurance makes more sense for.

So, comment below if this makes sense. If it helps you to to get more educated in terms of how insurance works and how this fits into your overall picture. Don’t think that you are too young to talk to an insurance advisor.

Start early, and start young, don’t wait. You won’t even feel it because that money will be deducted from your account, and you don’t have to think about it. And then you will have that peace of mind.

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We have discovered who is Kin homeowners insurance, and kin insurance Florida reviews. As there are many positive reviews about Kin insurance, the above mentioned are to be considered seriously to know how much kin insurance is seriously involved in taking care of their customers. Home insurance is important for every homeowner. Kin homeowners insurance It protects the home from damage and loss, including fire, theft and vandalism. Insurance companies offer various types of coverage in order to allow homeowners to choose the option that best fits their needs.

Kin homeowners insurance phone number : 855-717-0022

Kin homeowners insurance address,

415 1st Ave N.

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Kin homeowners insurance Headquarters

222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 228

Chicago, IL 60654

To get Kin insurance quote, please visit

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    1. Thanks a lot for your appreciation. There are also few more informational guides on the page you visited, try to check them out too. I will be really glad if you also share my site and articles to your family and friends. Thanks again my friend, take care.

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