How to take care of yourself physically. In this article I will be giving you information on how to take care of yourself physically. If you are too busy in your daily life, and neglecting your self then this article is for you.

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How to take care of yourself physically, 20 Best self care technique.

1. Spending time outdoors

I love going outside, this is an activity I like to do in the spring, summer, and fall. And there are a lot of studies that show that people who spend time in greenery actually do get a lot of health benefits.

2. Herbal tea
I take a herbal tea break. This is actually a self-care activity that I partake in every single day its a must in my self care plan. I’ll have a cup of herbal tea around 3 p.m. and then around 8 p.m. I think just making a cup of tea and taking some time out of my day puts me in a new frame of mind after I’m done drinking my tea.

You can take any herbal tea you like. My current favorite tea is rooibos which is from South Africa. It doesn’t have tannins like regular tea does, it’s caffeine-free and it actually does have quite a few antioxidants. So if you’re looking for a new tea, this is one that I highly recommend, and is really good ways to self healing too.

In today’s world we’re constantly connected, and it can feel overwhelming and exhausting and sometimes we just need a break. So I’ve started to incorporate a digital detox day where I don’t check my phone between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. and I don’t go on my computer, don’t go on my laptop. If you feel very overwhelmed with your devices, just take a break occasionally. It’s really nice, and also comes in self love care tips, believe me.

4. A nap  
Take a nap or go to bed early. Getting enough sleep is so important for good health but unfortunately, sometimes we’re not able to get enough, so taking a nap on a weekend or going to bed early is a really good form of self-care in my opinion.

Take a Nap! Change Your Life.

5. Watch meaningful content that inspires you
What we watch can have a really big impact on our mood. I’ve noticed that when I watch certain channels, I feel more uplifted, calm, refreshed and I think watching channels like this can be a really good form of self-care because it can make you feel more positive and more inspired. One of the channels I really enjoy watching is National geographic. 


Wildest: Islands

6. Healthy treats
I like to make simpler, healthier treats that don’t take long. Less than 10 to 15 minutes. And one of my favorite ones is date balls.  

Now the type of creative activities that you do will totally depend on your personality, I happen to like pastel colors and every single time I do it I feel refreshed- I feel really good and I don’t know why I just don’t do it often enough. So I think getting in touch with our creative side can be a really good form of self-care. And it can help you see things differently.

8. Take a warm bath
This is actually a self-care activity that I do every single week. This is just a good way to relieve stress. I used to take my phone with me but I don’t do that anymore because if I’m taking my phone it’s not really self-care. I’m just distracting myself with the phone! So no phones. Just me, the bubbles. I should point out in the interest of health not to use really hot water. Very hot water can cause a drop in blood pressure in certain people, and can cause dizziness.
This has got to be one of my favorite forms of self-care – just taking the time to connect with somebody else and cuddle with them. The reason why it’s so effective is whenever we cuddle with somebody we produce oxytocin which is something that could reduce your stress.

I find that cuddling with my cat, there’s just really nothing like it, spending 10 minutes with my cat reduces my stress level. It won’t go down to zero but it’s better than nothing and they enjoy it too. 
(note: If you don’t have any pets, you can cuddle with your husband too).

10. Enjoy a face mask
Now I’m not sure if many face masks actually work, but I think it’s effective just to take time out of your day and do something special. But there is one face mask recipe that I think really works well and there is some science behind it so oatmeal, once you put it on your skin it can help reduce redness.


It can help reduce inflammation. I don’t do this very often but once in a while when I feel like it I’ll put an oatmeal mask on.

Yoga can be a really good form of self care exercises, especially the slower forms like hatha yoga and yin yoga. Both comes in good self care activities.

This is highly personality-dependent. If you don’t like cleaning and you don’t like organizing, this is not self-care. But for me, it really is. Just taking the time to tidy up something or to clean out something makes me feel a lot better.

This is actually something that I do every single day after dinner. I’ll play some really peaceful music and that way it will help me wind down for the end of the night it’s something I enjoy and the cats enjoy as well.

14. A gratitude list  
A lot of people do gratitude lists daily. I’m not one of those people – too much work daily. But I do think writing a gratitude list once in a few months can be a really good exercise, especially on the days when you’ve kind of lost perspective of things. A gratitude list just helps you put everything into perspective and it gives you a new take on life.
15. Call or meet a friend and have a heart-to-heart chat  
A lot of my self-care activities are solitary because I’m an introvert. I like to do a lot of self-care by myself but that doesn’t mean you can’t do self-care activities with other people. Just connecting with someone else, being social with someone on a one-on-one basis… I feel it can be a good form of self-care. So whenever I feel the need to meet a friend and connect with a friend, I will pick someone who inspires me and I actually do feel a lot better afterward.

I think it’s really nice to explore something new once in a while just by yourself. I think it can be a great form of self-care because it helps you see things in a different light.. it just changes your perspective on things. So go to the art gallery or something like the museum or check out a new neighborhood.

I find that a lot of the other self-care activities can help me manage my mood, but there are days when I just don’t feel it. I’m not feeling it. I’m feeling down and I just don’t know what to do. That’s when journal writing can be really useful because it’s just a great outlet to get my emotions down on paper and more often than not I actually do feel better. And to be honest journal writing does not need to take long.
A lot of people think it needs to take hours. It really doesn’t. Even if you have 10 to 15 minutes to write down your emotions it can really be helpful.

When it comes to how self care improves mental health, meditation is one of the best ways. It is a form of self-care and it’s something that I do every day. Do I do it for very long periods? No, I don’t have that time. Ten minutes in the morning can feel really useful.

For people who enjoy massages, I think getting a massage, booking that appointment can be a really good form to take care of yourself. Not booking the appointment but actually going to the massage!


There are many kinds of massages, oil massage, exfoliate massage, stone massage, etc, every massage has its own characteristics. You can choose the massage that you enjoy the most. I also enjoy giving the cats of massage and you know what? They need some self-care too!

To me, there is nothing like a warm blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book, and I find that to be a really good form of self-care because I can be extremely mindful about what I’m doing when I’m reading. I’m just reading – I’m not distracted by anything else, and it just feels great. It’s a good way to expand your horizons, and learn something new as well. So reading is definitely one of my favorite self-care activities.

There are many self care strategies to choose from but in my opinion the above mentioned selfcare examples are the best, and they really work, believe me. As there are many self care products available online today, but I like something more natural. 

What does self care means

What does self care means or what is the definition of self care?
 when an individual like you,

and me takes responsibility for making daily choices about our lifestyle, and this may include the very basic things such as brushing our teeth, eating healthily, choosing exercise for our own well-being.

How can I take better care of myself also mean 
engaging in healthy behaviors that are good for our body, and our soul, and refraining from unhealthy behaviors such as using drugs, drinking too much alcohol, gambling, or retail therapy. Believe it or not, these things only make us feel good for a very short term.

“self care is not selfish”

Saying no when things become too much is equally important. For many of us saying “no” is not easy but if we don’t take care of ourselves, and if we don’t say no, we end up talking, and we end up taking too much on, this leads to stress, leaving us feeling overwhelmed which can affect our physical health as well as our emotional and psychological well-being.

hy is self-care important nurturing our body, our mind, and our spirit requires us to show ourselves some compassion and encourages us to be vulnerable with others like for example asking for help when we need it, embracing this concept can be difficult for so many of us but, if we don’t we run the risk of feeling depleted, and empty. 

Investing in self-care when you invest in yourself, you’re looking after yourself, remember this is taking responsibility to care for yourself, spending time and effort on yourself rejuvenates and it energizes you. That’s why I am giving you the best practical self-care examples for how to start self care. You don`t need a strict self care planner.
The Self-Care Solution: A Year of Becoming Happier, Healthier, and Fitter–One Month at a Time

If you go deep into self care meaning, I
t’s important that you take into account those things that are good for you, not just your body, not just your mind, but also your heart, the whole of you. So take some time to indulge in your interests, what do you like doing this demonstrates your worth.

When you put aside time for things that you enjoy doing, demonstrate your work, it leads to improved self-esteem and a more positive outlook on the world. It teaches you a lot about yourself and provides you with insight into what you need to be the very best version of you.


Why is self care important for mental health (in short)
According to Dr. Emma McAdam (licensed therapist) When you’re
super emotional the thinking part of your brain essentially shuts 
down, and that’s why when you’re upset you do things or say things that you later regret.

  • Self care benefits are too many. 
  • Self care is important for everyone. 
  • You can be your own self care specialist. 
  • Self care for your mind is very important.     

    Some people find it difficult about 
    how to take care of yourself physically but when I think of how to take better care of myself, it gives me positivity to overcome my anxiety, and depression reduces stress, and frustration. 
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